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Events & Corporate Offices

Exceptional Corporate / Office &  Event Flowers


Corporate Office

Betsy's offer a bespoke service for corporate weekly flowers, taking into consideration freshness, longevity, and of course design. Customer satisfaction is at our core, so should there be any problems with the freshness of the flowers, or you feel the design is not in keeping with your office that week, we replace the vase within that day.

Fresh Arrangements

We can bring colour and creativity to offices all over Cork. We supply fresh and beautiful floral arrangements to offices, hotels, retail shops, restaurants and many other business.. A well designed floral display will impress both staff and visitors alike creating a stimulating place to meet and work.

Bring a splash of vibrancy  with our beautiful choice of creative floral displays. From launches & conference events for brands and corporates, we tailor all flowers to suit you as the client and to represent the brand you wish to promote and celebrate .
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